I had a unusually good nights rest after my 16 hour trip from SFO to Osaka.  I flew on ANA airlines from SFO to Tokyo and my economy seat was awesome…I’m not kidding, the best economy seat on the plan. I sat on the isle of a row that was just behind the galley and I had room to fully extend the legs, the food was not bad and served in fairly durable dishes, the personal entertainment system had all of the current movies out on DVD ( I watched It’s Complicated), and all of my carry on luggage fit nicely in the solo bin right above my head. Id definitely fly with that airline again and hopefully get the same seat..maybe even splurge for an upgrade.

Today I went to the track for a bit of warmup and practice. The weather is wet and I wouldnt dare to throw in the rain so I used my shoe wrapped up in plastic bags to throw against an indoor wall…sometimes you have to get creative.  It was warm but at 100% humidity it feels like a wet sauna. My skin looks great though.

Next I went to a press conference and sat with 5 other athletes listening to reporters ask questions I didn’t understand.  We had translators though and the awkwardness was lessened a little bit.  The press conference was impressive though with about 60 or so reporters and 30 cameras.  The Japanese really follow the sports celebrities..not saying that I am a celebrity but I was sitting next to a few of the them! I wanted to ask my own question to the crowd but didn’t get up the nerve.  My question would be “Where can I find some kabosu?” Its a lime drink that the airline served on the way over..so good and reminds me of the Juice Squeeze drink in the lime flavor but without the carbonation. I did finish up the press conference with domo aregato (not sure of the spelling) which means “Thank you very much” in Japanese.

Now I’m going do do some electronics shopping. I need a mini handheld camcorder that I can use to film my competitions while on trips like this.  I can then watch my throws after the meet and report back to coach on what they look like.  Electronics in Japan are supposed to be much better and have cool feature s than our US selections.  Hope I can get a good deal too!

Ill report back after the meet….I hope to hit 200 so I can get my french fries which I have been deprived of since I made that deal a few weeks ago.  Sayanora.