I’m Baaaaaack … 2016!

IMG_2650Thanks to my friends at the Marketing Twins the site has been updated to look awesome just in time for my run (more likely throw!) to 2016 Olympic Team. I hope you guys like the new look updated with new photos and cool videos.

I’ll be posting my experiences leading up to the Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR on July 1-2. God willing I make the team and then I can share all the coolness that comes with making my 4th team headed to Rio De Janeiro!

Stay tuned…


Athletissima Lausanne 2011

I am back in Lausanne again for the Diamond League meeting Athletissima to be held on June 30. The wind has picked up today and I hope it can work in our favor tomorrow too. Last year the weather was a bit wet so we can only hope for sunny skies. The hotel is right on the water again and I have a chance to walk a little bit and take in all of the sail boats and swans at the marina.  If I had more time here I would take the ferry over to Les Grangettes which is an idyllic tiny town with chalets hugging the lake.  On warm summer days the kids and adults alike so for a dip near the ferry pier and that water looks so inviting.  Again the Montreaux Jazz Fest is in full gear and one of these trips I will stop by and toast a glass of wine to the jazz greats who have played here.

Roseburg Rocks!

I had a chance to hang with Patty and Steph in Roseburg today. They were nice enough to let me use the ring for my premeet practice. It was super hot but we got to cool off at the pool and eat hamburgers. The kids had a few questions about prepping for USA champs and we had a chance to take a picture with the whole gang. I wouldn’t mind hanging out in Roseburg more often! Thanks for the pic Jodi!

Drake Relays 2010

I just landed in Des Moines for the 101st Drake Relays. The volunteers at the airport directed the many athletes to thier hotels and the gentleman who drive our group to the hotel was the same guy who helped me out last year in Des Moines. He gave me a ride to a local high school during the 2009 Relays to practice before the meet. He even dropped by a Walgreens so I could pick up some snacks and supplies. I bought him some MnMs as a thank you. He is a bit hard of hearing but very sweet.
I will do a little workout and get the legs moving after my flight and then get some chow. Those McDonalds ads for fries are really effective and I’m craving them! I’ve been good though and I will only go to McDonalds after I hit the 200 ft mark. I hope that this weekends mark will be over 200 ft or I will have to wait till May in Osaka for fries. Check out the results at www.godrakebulldogs.com.

Vancouver or Bust

I’m having such a good time watching the Olympics on tv this year. I’ve decided to make the last minute trek to Vancouver next week to catch a glimpse of the action on the ice and slopes. I think we are going to drive the 15 one way trip because we haven’t been able to find good deals on airfare. That’s what happens when you wait to the last minute. I may be able to score some day passes into the Olympic village. I’ve been two two Olympic villages in the summer so it will be interesting to see it from an spectators view. I want to see the high flying aerials and maybe catch a hockey game. We’ll see if tickets can be purchased at the venues. I love being spontaneous! Vancouver here we come!

Happy Turkey Day

I hope everyone is doing well on Thanksgiving weekend. I am blessed to be spending the weekend with my husband’s family up in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We had Jerry’s famous breakfast cassarole this morning and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on TV. It’s funny to watch all of the singers lip-syncing to thier pop tunes. Last night Barb served up her lasagna and we lifted up our glasses to toast Ray (Jerry’s dad) who is in the hospital with some mysterious elevated heart rate issue. We are praying for you Ray! We all had an awesome time washing dishes and dancing to a great YouTube clip called The Evolution of Dance. Everyone can dance to that…even Jerry! Happy Turkey Day. Give thanks and God bless America!